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Set up the operating timetable for your home appliance!

Depend on your daily routine, customize when you want your AC on,

when you want them cooler,  and when you want them off!

Default profiles

Sleep profile

Maintain your best sleeping temperature & saves energy

2:00am – Deep sleep

Turn up your ACs to 26°C

6:00am – Nearly wake up

Turn off your ACs and switch on the fan for you

7:00 am – Time to go

Switch off everything for you

Office profile

Make your workplace energy  efficient

7:45 am – Before you start

Turn on all ACs in office to 24°C

1:00 pm – Lunch time!

Switch all AC to 26°C

2:00 pm –  Back to business

Turn all AC back to 25°C

8:00pm – Call it a day

Make sure every ACs is off when everybody leave

All default profile can be modify

Let’s set up the profile that suit you best with SmartAirCon